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Whitehorn is a British textile design company specialising in the hand dyeing of fine silks using marbling techniques. The idea was to bring a novel and modern approach to this old and traditional craft employing the freshest of colour palettes to create beautiful, luxurious and original products for the Interiors and fashion markets. Whitehorn works closely with designers and private clients to create bespoke items for individual projects.

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17 August 2023
Whitehorn has been hard at work creating, The Swirl Collection, which is the latest vibrant and fresh collection of lampshades inspired by traditional glass marbles. They are bowed empire in shape and have tight twists of pleated chiffon, swirling ar...
02 August 2023
    I wanted to share a couple of projects Whitehorn has been creating over the past few months. We recently launched a capsule collection of French drum gathered lampshades made from the finest chiffon to initially compliment our hand marb...
20 July 2023
  In celebration of the Whitehorn Bergen wash bag featuring in the Summer 2023 blockbuster film Barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, we are launching an exlusive collection of hand marbled wash bags inspired by the vibrant and colourf...

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Whitehorn is a luxury British textile design company founded by Janey Whitehorn in 2007. Janey is an award-winning designer whose work is recognised world wide...

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